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Mazao Hub Farm ERP Platform enable farmers, farm enterprises, agronomists, cooperatives, farm organizations, food manufacturers and other agricultural stakeholders to control complex farm operations, make data-driven decisions, optimize cost and improve yields based on real-time insights and advanced field analytics.

Key benefits and Value propositions:

1) Central Farm Operations Management

2) Advanced Crop Planning and Budgeting

3) Real-Time Field Insights and Crop Progress Monitoring

4) Powerful Farm Analytics

5) Connected Machinery, IoT and ERP

6) Traceability and Compliance Reports

Mazao Hub main functionalities:

1) Farm Resource Management (Crop, fields, machinery, people, inventory)

2) Farm operations (planning, tracking, and analyzing complete crop production)

3) Farm Scouting (NDVI Satellite Imagery, pest and disease knowledge-base, photo evidence with geo-tagging)

4) Weather and risk intelligence (Weather data, weather alarms, pest and diseases risk alarms.)

5) Farm Finance Management (invoices, payables and receivables, budget, loan management)

6) Farm dashboards and analytics (field analysis, yield analysis, crop profitability, ROI, farm finance KPI's, reports)

7) Traceability report

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