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A Personal Journey

I am a smallholder farmer, born and raised in a family of small-scale farmers. I have experienced the trials and tribulations of farming firsthand. I've seen poverty up close and felt the isolation that comes from a lack of extension services. My farming journey has been a continuous cycle of trial and error. I have destroyed crops, lost significant investments, and faced hunger and hardship. Even the little I managed to produce was often exploited by middlemen. My relatives, who are also smallholder farmers, continue to endure these same struggles. If you asked me today, tomorrow, or the day after, I would tell you that inefficient and disorganized agricultural extension services, which are not data-driven and often assumed to be free, have failed farmers for generations. This persistent problem has kept African farmers impoverished year after year. Despite numerous projects, donations, and grants aimed at helping smallholder farmers, their situation remains unchanged, plagued by the same old issues of poverty and exploitation.

Seeing an extension officer from MazaoHub's Farmer Excellent Center, popularly known among farmers as Kliniki ya Kilimo, visiting a farmer like Juma, with necessary inputs ,  soil sensors and the software, gives me hope and peace. It reassures me that I am doing something meaningful for my fellow farmers.

The Birth of MazaoHub

MazaoHub was created directly for smallholder farmers and indirectly for large commercial farmers and plantations. However, the big truth is that having a Farm ERP or farm management software to manage day-to-day farm operations along with AI-powered extension services without on-ground support will never truly reach and impact the farmer’s daily agricultural business activities.

As a founder who has lived through the challenges of small-scale farming, I witnessed the need for a system that provides practical, on-the-ground support. That's why we established the Farmer Excellent Centers.

What Are Farmer Excellent Centers?

Farmer Excellent Centers, or we call in Swahili Kliniki ya Kilimo, are trusted hubs dedicated to supporting farmers with tailored services and advanced agricultural technologies. These centers are designed to transform rural agribusinesses by providing comprehensive, data-driven support that addresses the unique challenges faced by farmers.

How Do They Operate?

At the heart of each Farmer Excellent Center is the goal to make farming more efficient, productive, and sustainable. Here's how they operate:

  1. Geospatial Data Collection: Using our MazaoHub software through a simple app, we map farms, assess water availability, determine crop suitability, and analyze climate history and projections. This detailed geospatial data collection helps us understand the unique characteristics of each farm.
  2. Soil Health Analysis: Each mapped farm undergoes soil analysis to determine soil health. Based on the analysis, we recommend the appropriate amount of inputs, ensuring that usage does not negatively impact the soil or crops.
  3. Crop Planning and Monitoring: Our app allows for precise crop planning and monitoring. Farmers with support of extension officers can take pictures of their crops to detect health issues, and we provide specific recommendations for herbicide usage to ensure optimal harvests.
  4. Regenerative and Climate-Smart Farming: We advise farmers on regenerative farming practices and climate-smart agriculture. This ensures that farming methods are sustainable and can adapt to changing climate conditions.
  5. On-Ground Support: Our extension officers stationed at the Farmer Excellent Centers offer hands-on support. They visit farms, collect data based on the farmer request,  bring necessary inputs, and use soil sensors to provide real-time data and assistance to farmers.

The Impact

Through the Farmer Excellent Centers, we aim to create a data-driven system that allows farmers to be traceable by banks, investors, markets, input suppliers, technology providers, and experts. This system not only improves the efficiency and productivity of farms but also empowers farmers by making them part of a larger, interconnected agricultural network.

Farmers living in isolation now have access to comprehensive support and services that were previously out of reach. Our extension officers stationed to the farming communities, through regular visits and assistance, ensure that farmers are not alone in their journey. They receive the guidance and tools needed to make informed decisions, leading to better yields and improved livelihoods.

Take A Closer Look at Our Operations

Geospatial Data Collection

One of the first steps in our process is collecting geospatial data. This involves mapping each farm using our MazaoHub app. The app is designed to be user-friendly, allowing farmers and extension officers to easily input data about the farm's location, size, and boundaries. Once the farm is mapped, we assess water availability. This is crucial because water is a vital resource for any farming operation. Understanding the availability and sources of water helps in planning irrigation and other water-dependent activities.

Next, we determine the crop suitability of the farm. This involves analyzing the soil type, climate conditions, and historical data to recommend the best crops to grow in that particular area. We also look at climate history and projections to help farmers prepare for any potential weather-related challenges.

Soil Health Analysis

After collecting geospatial data, we move on to soil health analysis. This is a critical step because the health of the soil directly impacts crop yield and quality. We take soil samples from different parts of the farm and analyze them using our portable soil sensors. The analysis includes testing for pH levels, nutrient content, Electrical Conductivity and the presence of any harmful substances.

Based on the results of the soil analysis, we provide farmers with detailed recommendations on how to improve soil health. This may include the use of specific fertilizers, organic matter, or other soil amendments. We also monitor the usage of these inputs to ensure they do not negatively impact the soil or crops. This is why , we have farmer excellent centers in rural communities.

Crop Planning and Monitoring

Crop planning is another essential component of our services. Using the data collected from the geospatial and soil health analysis, we help farmers create a detailed crop plan. This includes selecting the best crops to grow, determining the optimal planting and harvesting times, and planning for any necessary interventions such as pest control or irrigation.

Our app also allows farmers to monitor their crops throughout the growing season. Farmers with extension officers can take pictures of their crops using their smartphones and upload them to the app. Our system uses advanced image recognition technology to detect any signs of pest infestation, disease, or nutrient deficiency. Based on the analysis, we provide specific recommendations for herbicide usage, pest control measures, and other interventions to ensure optimal crop health.

Regenerative and Climate-Smart Farming

In addition to traditional farming practices, we also promote regenerative and climate-smart farming techniques. Regenerative farming focuses on improving soil health and biodiversity, which can lead to more sustainable and resilient farming systems. This includes practices such as crop rotation, cover cropping, and reduced tillage.

Climate-smart agriculture involves adapting farming practices to mitigate the impacts of climate change. This may include using drought-resistant crop varieties, implementing water-saving irrigation techniques, and adopting agroforestry practices. Our extension officers provide training and support to help farmers implement these techniques on their farms.

On-Ground Support

One of the key features of our Farmer Excellent Centers is the on-ground support provided by our extension officers. These officers are stationed at the centers and are available to visit farms and provide hands-on assistance. They bring necessary inputs such as seeds, fertilizers, software and soil sensors, and use these tools to provide real-time data and guidance to farmers.

Our extension officers also play a crucial role in building relationships with farmers. They understand the unique challenges faced by each farmer and work closely with them to develop tailored solutions. This personal touch is what sets our Farmer Excellent Centers apart from other agricultural support systems.

The Road Ahead

The journey is just beginning for MazaoHub and our Farmer Excellent Centers. Our commitment to transforming rural agribusinesses is unwavering. Every manager at our centers is required to report weekly on all activities, ensuring accountability and continuous improvement. For example, at the Njombe Farmer Excellent Center, we have ambitious plans to start collecting 5 containers of avocados from farmers every week for export, beginning at the end of this month. This involves extensive data entry to track farmers' progress through various stages of Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) for marketing purposes.

By leveraging advanced technology and providing on-the-ground support, MazaoHub is not just changing the way farming is done but also changing lives. We are building a future where smallholder farmers are empowered, connected, and thriving.

Case Study: Njombe Farmer Excellent Center

Let's take a closer look at the Njombe Farmer Excellent Center as a case study to illustrate the impact and operations of our centers.


Njombe is a region known for its fertile soil and favorable climate, making it an ideal location for growing a variety of crops, including avocados. However, despite the region's potential, many farmers in Njombe face challenges such as poor soil health, lack of access to quality inputs, and limited market opportunities.

Establishing the Center

In response to these challenges, we established the Njombe Farmer Excellent Center. The center serves as a hub for providing farmers with the resources, knowledge, and support they need to improve their farming practices and increase their productivity using MazaoHub Farming Technologies i.e Soil Sensors, Software and On ground support

Building Relationships

Building strong relationships with farmers is a key component of our approach. Our extension officers take the time to understand the unique challenges faced by each farmer and work closely with them to develop tailored solutions. This personal touch helps build trust and ensures that farmers feel supported throughout their journey.

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