• 01 May, 2024
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MazaoHub AgClimate Limited, a climate data-driven agritech company is partnering with financial institutions. This collaboration with financial institutions, aims to empower more than  15,000 pilot farmers across 7 farmer excellent centers; popularly known as Kliniki za Kilimo in Swahili  during the next farming season.

Farmer Excellent Centers (Kliniki za Kilimo in Swahili ) serve as central hubs equipped with:

  • Agricultural ICT tools (smartphones, computers, tablets)
  • Low-Cost Solar Powered Soil sensors
  • Simple to Use MazaoHub Crop health detection App
  • Post-harvest tools
  • Transportation (motorcycles)
  • Field officers/Agronomists

These centers are like health diagnostic clinics for diagnosis and prescription in farming that  provide:

  • AI-powered agronomic guidance
  • Soil analysis services
  • Crop monitoring
  • Weather forecasts
  • Pesticide application plans
  • Farm record keeping & data collection
  • Resilient seeds distribution
  • Postharvest tools
  • Loan monitoring throughout the production cycle

Benefits for Farmers:

  • Access to finance: The project offers agriculture-specific loans tailored to various stages of the value chain, with flexible terms and affordable interest rates.
  • Reduced risk and increased profitability: Leverage MazaoHub's technology and expertise to ensure loan adherence, timely repayments, and reduced defaults.
  • Weather and crop insurance: Protection against financial losses due to unpredictable weather events, pests, and diseases.
  • Loan monitoring and repayment tracking: MazaoHub's data collection and monitoring capabilities ensure timely loan repayments and minimize defaults.
  • Financial literacy initiatives: Workshops and resources to empower farmers to make informed financial decisions.

Pilot Program Locations:

  1. Njombe TC Farmer Excellent Center powered by MazaoHub Precision Technologies (Pilot 5,000 Avocado, Potato and other Farmers)
  2. Kidete-Kilosa Morogoro Farmer Excellent Center (Pilot 2,000 Onion Farmers and other horticulture )
  3. Malagano Rukwa – Sumbawanga Farmer Excellent Center (Pilot 4500 Wheat Farmers and pulses)
  4. Raela – Sumbawanga Farmer Excellent Centers (Pilot 2000 Maize and Pulses Farmers)
  5. Newala – Mtwara Farmer Excellent Center (Pilot 3000 Pigeon Pea and Sesame Farmers)
  6. Mang'ula and Ifakara – Morogoro Farmer Excellent Center (Pilot 2500 Rice Farmers)

MazaoHub's Role:

  • Farmer onboarding and pre-qualification
  • Loan application facilitation
  • Technical assistance (training, resources)
  • Production and loan adherence monitoring
  • Buyer connection facilitation
  • Loan recovery support

Financial Institution's Role:

  • Affordable loan products development
  • Loan application processing
  • Loan fund disbursement
  • Loan repayment management
  • Collaboration with MazaoHub for continuous improvement

Loan Disbursement and Repayment Model:

  • Loan disbursement:
    • Farmers must belong to recognized groups and open accounts with the financial institution.
    • Loans are provided to individual farmers within the group.
    • Funds are disbursed directly to MazaoHub Farmer Excellent Centers licensed or to licensed input suppliers recommended by MazaoHub for secure input distribution based on individual needs.
    • MazaoHub supervises the distribution of inputs to ensure they align with agronomic recommendations.
  • Loan repayment:
    • Farmers are expected to achieve a 10x increase in productivity with the provided inputs and technical guidance.
    • MazaoHub bears the initial risk of ensuring improved productivity through proper input use.
    • Each input is tracked for optimized resource utilization.
    • Farmers repay loans from crop sales proceeds, facilitated by MazaoHub's market linkages.

Benefits of the Model:

  • Reduced risk for both farmers and the financial institution
  • Targeted input utilization
  • Improved productivity and loan repayment ability
  • Market access for smooth loan repayment

MazaoHub Food Distribution Model:

MazaoHub, in partnership with relevant stakeholders, has mapped food vendors and distributors. This data is used to manage food distribution and market linkages through a network called FoodHubs.

Benefits of FoodHubs:

  • Comprehensive mapping: Creates a foundation for efficient food distribution.
  • Farmer Excellent Center Integration: Ensures organized supply from farmers and simplifies connections with buyers.
  • Connecting the dots: MazaoHub's platform will connect farmers with diverse market players through a global market intelligence system.
  • Increased Transparency and Trust: Data-driven tracking provides transparency for both farmers and buyers, building trust and informed decision-making.
  • Quality Assurance: Focuses on maintaining quality standards throughout the supply chain.

MazaoHub's Long-Term Vision

MazaoHub's vision extends beyond this pilot project. The 10-year plan outlines a strategic roadmap for revolutionizing Africa agriculture and achieving significant impact across Africa:

Phase 2: Scaling Up (Next Farming Seasons)

  • Establish over 70 Kliniki za Kilimo, serving more than 5,000 farmers each (reaching over 300,000 farmers).
  • Expand to a wider range of crops, including cereals, pulses, oilseeds, fruits, vegetables, cash crops, roots and tubers, livestock, and fishery.

Key Strategies for Expansion:

  • Extend the Pilot Program: Offer loans, data-driven farm insights, and personalized agronomic support to over 250,000 Tanzanian farmers.
  • Launch MifugoHub.com: A dedicated platform for comprehensive livestock and fishery management, providing production monitoring and veterinary support.
  • Refine Technology Platform: Enhance data analytics, mobile app functionalities, and farmer training modules.

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