• 02 Feb, 2023
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Imagine a world where farmers don't have to rely on outdated methods of farm management and record-keeping. A world where cooperatives and Agricultural Marketing Companies (AMCOs) can easily access and analyze all their data in one place. This is the world that MazaoHub is working towards.

MazaoHub is a digital agriculture platform that aims to digitize and revolutionize the operations of cooperatives and their AMCOS. Their mission is to start with cooperatives and their farmers, providing them with a comprehensive farm management system that can be customized to their specific needs.

Gone are the days of struggling with scattered and incomplete records, manual data entry, and time-consuming reports. With MazaoHub, farmers and cooperatives can now easily track their farm activities, inventory, sales, and expenses. The platform offers real-time data analytics and insights, allowing users to make informed decisions and streamline their operations.

And so, with great respect, we extend an invitation to cooperatives to join us in implementing MazaoHub. Our platform offers a range of modules to meet the diverse needs of each cooperative, including:

1.       Farmer Profiling: At MazaoHub, we understand the importance of having accurate and up-to-date information about our farmers. That's why we have created a mobile app that allows cooperative extension officers to register farmers within just two minutes. The app can be used even without internet access and enables the recording of vital information such as assets, pictures, locations, and any other requirements requested by the cooperative.

Our goal is to provide cooperatives with quality data that will support their objectives and help them make informed decisions. By updating each farmer's information every season, MazaoHub will also provide financial institutions with a clear understanding of the farmer's profile, making it easier for them to provide the necessary support.

With our farmer profiling module, we are creating a more connected and informed agriculture community, where farmers are empowered and cooperatives can thrive.

2.       Field Mapping and Plant Identification: MazaoHub's commitment to revolutionizing agriculture goes beyond farmer profiling. Our platform features a field mapping module that uses Google coordinates to accurately map out the size of each farm. This enables cooperative extension officers or farmers to easily measure the size of their farms and identify the plants growing in each field.

This stage is critical for traceability and monitoring purposes, and allows cooperatives to keep track of the number of farmers, the number of acres each farm owns, and the number of plants owned by each farmer. With this information, cooperatives can make informed decisions and provide the necessary support to their farmers.

Our Agronomy Service Management module is the heart of this technology and provides even more insight into the operations of each farm. With the combination of field mapping and plant identification, cooperatives will have a complete and accurate picture of their operations.

3.       The Agronomy Service Management/GAP Management

This module is a cutting-edge solution designed to support extension officers in providing world-class agronomic services to farmers. With the increasing demand for efficient and effective farming practices, it is imperative that extension officers have access to the right tools to help them deliver the best results.

Unfortunately, the majority of extension officers in cooperatives are still relying on manual paperwork processes to manage their farmers and provide agronomic services. This not only takes up a significant amount of time but also increases operational costs and reduces the overall efficiency of their services.

The MazaoHub App is designed to revolutionize the way extension officers work by providing them with an easy-to-use platform that automates all their agronomic activities. With the Agronomy Service Management Module, extension officers can use their mobile phones to serve thousands of farmers with farm accuracy, insights and data, including real-time monitoring or automatic alerts.

One of the key features of the MazaoHub App is the automatic budget and projection generation for each farmer for a particular season, using AI technology. This allows extension officers to access data and progress of any farmer, and make informed decisions on how best to support them. During actual farm activities, they can manage, control and monitor farm operations of each farmer in each season, at any time, by following good agricultural practices (GAP).

The GAP management system includes various critical aspects such as Farm Preparation, Soil Preparation, Proper Planting Distance, Irrigation Management, Fertilizer Application, Pest and Disease Management, Pruning and Training, Pre-Harvest and Post-Harvest Handling, Crop Rotation, and all other automated farm records in the app. This ensures that extension officers can provide the best support to farmers, and help them achieve their farming goals.

4.       The Crops Collection, Movement and Traceability Management.

This is a cutting-edge module that empower COOPERATIVES to effectively manage and monitor the harvest and movement of each farmer's Crops. With the use of data from the previous module, COOPERATIVES will have access to the following information:

                              i.      The exact quantity and quality of Crops for each farmer before and after harvest, including the value of the Crops that are still in the farmer's hands.

                            ii.      The movement of the Crops from the farmer's collection area to the AMCOS Collection Centers, including the quantity, quality, and value of each farmer's harvest.

                          iii.      The movement of Crops from the AMCOS Collection Centers to COOPERATIVES' warehouses, including the quantity, quality, and value of each farmer's harvest.

                          iv.      The identification of all levies and taxes involved in the movement of Crops, including associated transport costs.

                            v.      The digital payment of farmers, including the ability to identify stock balances and sales at any given time.

                          vi.      The control of sales mechanisms, including the profiles of all buyers, and the ability to handle automatic reconciliation of all transactions.

                         vii.      The automatic production of accounting reports based on Financial Reporting Standards for all transactions.

                       viii.      The production of financial history for each farmer or buyer at any point in time for investment or loan purposes, making it easier for farmers to obtain loans.

                           ix.      The ability for COOPERATIVES to have its own Customer Relationship Management system, direct marketing to global buyers, and an automatic procurement tool in the platform for buyers globally.

With this module, COOPERATIVES will have a comprehensive solution that will enable them to make informed decisions, manage their operations efficiently, and provide farmers with the support they need to grow and succeed.

5.       Global Sourcing Hub of Food & Agriculture

The Global Sourcing Hub of Food & Agriculture is a critical component of the Mazao Hub Farm Management Module. This innovative solution is designed to address the challenges faced by businesses in sourcing food and agricultural products in Africa. The hub leverages the advanced capabilities of the Mazao Hub farm management system to create a centralized platform for the safe and reliable sourcing of products from cooperatives representing rural farmers.

One of the key benefits of this hub is that it provides buyers with extensive market intelligence, allowing them to make more informed decisions. The data is derived from the agronomy service management system module, providing buyers with full traceability reports and other important information about the products they are sourcing. This level of detail helps to minimize the risk of fraud, food safety incidents, and other issues that can arise in the sourcing process.

The Global Sourcing Hub of Food & Agriculture is an essential tool for businesses looking to source food and agricultural products from Africa. By leveraging the advanced technologies and expertise of the Mazao Hub, businesses can tap into a wealth of information and resources, empowering them to make better decisions, reduce risk, and enhance the sustainability of their sourcing operations. Whether you are a multinational corporation, a small business, or an organization looking to source food and agricultural products, MazaoHub Global Sourcing Hub of Food & Agriculture is the solution you need.

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