Innovating Food Systems

Farming SaaS, working even without internet. Get AI powered agronomy advice, soil insights, loans, inputs, farm records, market links, supply chain - all in your pocket.

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    Affordable soil testing

    Our soil kit automates real-time data collection and geo-tagged sensors track soil nutrients, pH, moisture, temperature, electro-conductivity, to make analysis available in 5 mins of testing.

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    Hyperlocal, expert advisory 

    Our farmer excellence centres work as trust + value creation hubs where farmers can access our farm software with extension services, inputs delivery, soil testing, and more. 

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    Access to data and insights 

    Our software and dashboards helps farmers manage farm operations; for food companies to optimize supply chains; and for banks to issue loans. 


Our farm management software portfolio supports all stakeholders of the agrifood value chain.


We offer soil testing and extension services that help farmers reduce agricultural inefficiencies


We help cooperatives improve their efficiency, profitability, and sustainability by providing real-time access to data and insights

Input Manufacturer

We help input manufacturers boost efficiency, enhance sales and enable informed decision-making

Financial and Insurance Institutions

We facilitate partnerships between financial institutions and farmers by providing access to essential agricultural data

Multinationals, Supporters and Governments

MazaoHub is working with multinationals and governments

Large Off- Takers

We provide tools that allow off takers to monitor and control their operations, including financial reports, payments, and much more

Unique Features

Digital Agriculture Solutions for Agrifood Value Chain.

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  • IoT
  • Satellites
  • Remote Sensing
  • Weather Forecast
  • Mechanization

Our Team

MazaoHub brings together experts in engineering, agronomy, design, finance, and consulting to revolutionize agriculture. A diverse team with 30+ years' experience that have worked with Yara, Syngenta, cooperatives, One Acre Fund, farms, finance, tech companies


Farmers & Agronomists


Agrodealers and Cooperatives


Soil Samples Tested


Off takers



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