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Innovating Food Systems

We are empowering Small Scale Farmers and all other AgriFood Value Chain through automation and Real-Time Insights.

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    Real Time Insights

    Get real-time agronomic and risk insights for all your fields including weather reports, pest alerts and crops progress to make data-driven decisions.

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    Field Operations

    Automate and keep track of all farm field operations activities. Bring digitalization to every aspect of farm operations and all employees, from farm managers, agronomists to machinery users and workers.

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    Farm Analytics

    Boost yields and profitability by using a powerful analytics tool identifying best performing fields, varieties and agronomic practices.

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    Trace your farmers, where are they located. Trace your food through all stages of production process. How food was produced, organic, or minimal chemical use. With our Food Traceability systems covering all aspects of production from farm to fork.

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    Farming Data Hub

    Create a digital twin of your farm and store all of your data in one place. Connect IoT sensors data, machinery data, satellite data, harvest data, farming data and other data into a single solution.


Our farm management software portfolio supports all stakeholders of the agrifood value chain.

To Farmers

As farmers trusted partner.

To agronomists

The platform automate all agronomy operation

To agro dealers

Automate agro dealers operations

To Enterprise Farming Holdings.

Automate Farming activities

To Cooperatives

Farmers cooperative management

To Input Manufacturer

Empowers the process of creating digital relationships

To Financial and Insurance Institutions

Super easy for financial institutions to lend

To Logistics and Fleet

Comprehensive fleet management platform

To Warehouse

Your warehouse needs new technology and a modern system

To Multinationals, Supporters and Governments

Traceable data about Small Scale Farmers.

To Large Off- Takers

Powerful agriculture supply chain management

To exporters

Agriculture supply chain management platform for exporters

Unique Features

Digital Agriculture Solutions for Agrifood Value Chain.

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Farmers & Agronomists


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Food Manufacturers and Off takers



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