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Farming SaaS, working even without internet. Get AI powered agronomy advice, soil insights, loans, inputs, farm records, market links, supply chain - all in your pocket.

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    Field Mapping

    Use MazaoHub App to measure farm size, identify plants or seedlings, map field perimeters, and capture media data. It works offline and stores core farmer data for traceability

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    Soil Analysis

    MazaoHub utilizes a Soil Scanner to analyze soil nutrients, comparing them with crop-specific requirements, and generates a customized fertilizer application plan, including soil amendments

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    Farm Cost Analysis:

    MazaoHub uses AI to create farmer budgets based on crop types, Current input prices, acreage, climate, soil results, and other factors. Make yield projections, Financial projections and much more guided by GAP.

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    GAP Management

    MazaoHub enable farmers with extension officers to manage their daily farming activities, track expenses, monitor crop progress by following good agricultural practices from land preparation, fertilizing to harvest. Provide insights and analysis in every production stages to 10X productivity.

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    AI Agronomy

    MAZAOHUB AI Agronomy estimates crop production and provides daily guidance on agronomic practices based on crop type, location, climate and other factors. It does not replace agronomists, but amplifies their work by providing tailor-made alerts and guidance to farmers for scientific farming.

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    MazaoHub enables farmers to manage their financial data digitally using AI technology. It tracks all financial transactions, generates reports on expenses, profits, assets, and cash flow, and all other accounting reports based on IFRS.

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    Global Smart Sourcing

    MazaoHub connects businesses with rural farmers and MSMEs to source products safely and reliably. It provides market information and traceability reports to minimize risks of fraud and food safety issues. Businesses can use MazaoHub's advanced technologies to improve their sourcing decisions, reduce risks, and increase sustainability.

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    Crops Movement

    MazaoHub monitors and tracks crop quantity, quality, and value, manages stocks for warehouses or millers, and facilitates digital payments and sales reconciliation. It also generates accounting reports and provides financial history for farmers, buyers, and millers for investment or loan purposes.

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    Agro dealer system

    MazaoHub helps agro-dealers manage their relationships with farmers by allowing them to create or access farmer profiles. It also enables them to handle transactions, monitor input effects, manage inventory through an agro-dealer POS, and generate financial reports.

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    Farm Reports and Analytics

    MazaoHub offers reports and analytics to everyone involved in agriculture. Its tools track farm activities, production, inventory, finances, and generate custom reports. This data helps farmers, investors, and government agencies understand farm performance and make informed decisions.


Our farm management software portfolio supports all stakeholders of the agrifood value chain.

To Farmers

As farming tool and extension management system

To agronomists

Agronomy and farmers management toolkit

To agro dealers

Automate agro dealers operations with clicks

To Enterprise Farming Holdings.

Simplify and automate core farming daily activities

To Cooperatives

MazaoHub Cooperative Farming Tool

To Input Manufacturer

MazaoHub Input Manufacturer features as Farm ERP for input manufacturers

To Financial and Insurance Institutions

Super easy for financial institutions to lend

To Multinationals, Supporters and Governments

MazaoHub is working with multinationals and governments

To Large Off- Takers

Powerful agriculture Crop sourcing and supply chain management

Unique Features

Digital Agriculture Solutions for Agrifood Value Chain.

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Our Team

MazaoHub brings together experts in engineering, agronomy, design, finance, and consulting to revolutionize agriculture. A diverse team with 30+ years' experience that have worked with Yara, Syngenta, cooperatives, One Acre Fund, farms, finance, tech companies


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