• 13 Jan, 2023
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Table of Contents

  • Why Agriculture need immediate digital transformation?
  • Why Your Farm Needs a Provider Now More Than Ever
  • MazaoHub
  • SAP Agribusiness
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • Farmlogs
  • AGRIVI 360

In this current age of technology, where every industry is embracing the advancements of the digital world, it is imperative for decision-makers to urgently evaluate which areas must be prioritized for digital transformation in order to optimize resources and reach maximum efficiency and productivity.

Why Agriculture need immediate digital transformation?

A mere few months ago, I had the honor of crossing paths with a highly accomplished woman in the realm of e-commerce. As I poured out my heart to her about my burning passion to revolutionize the Agriculture sector in Africa, she coldly dismissed me with the words, "You are destined for failure. The Agriculture industry is one of the most challenging sectors to digitize. I have attempted it on multiple occasions, yet each time I have been met with failure. Coordinating with rural farmers is an insurmountable task”

The unbreakable bond that unites humanity is the pulsating heartbeat of agriculture - the very sustenance that nourishes and sustains us all. Without the bountiful harvests of our farmers, we would wither and perish. Yet, despite the vital role agriculture plays in our daily existence, a mere handful of nations prioritize its development. The lands devoted to growing our food and sustaining our communities are often neglected and left to languish in poverty. The fate of our global food security rests heavily on the well-being of the agricultural sector, and it is imperative that we take heed of the struggles it faces and take swift action to mitigate the risks and guarantee a steady supply of sustenance. The struggles faced by agriculture today are myriad - a dwindling availability of fertile land and fresh water, outdated cultivation techniques, the depletion of natural resources, and the scourge of environmental pollution all threaten the sustainability of our food sources.

On the other hand, while using tried and true farming techniques, farmers are facing a brutal business landscape, harsh market conditions, and fierce competition, more than ever before. Since the financial stakes associated with a decrease in agricultural yield are astronomical, it is imperative for farmers today to make wise agribusiness-related choices on all levels and at all stages of food production. The only way for farmers and producers to stay afloat in today’s rapidly evolving digital world is to integrate cutting-edge solutions in all stages of the decision-making process of a farming operation.

Why Your Farm Needs a Provider Now More Than Ever

With passionate hearts, the past ten years have witnessed the emergence of various Agriculture Solution Providers, all dedicated to equipping today's farmers with every necessary tool to fervently manage their farms and livestock, with the ultimate goal of achieving maximum productivity and minimizing wastage. The burning desire behind these systems is to infuse data and efficiency into the agribusiness sector, ensuring timely and precise actions. Agriculture technology companies have crafted these systems with great care, incorporating potent tools for data acquisition, processing, and reporting that are essential for triumphantly managing processes in the agribusiness environment.

Some of the most prominent providers of agricultural solutions who are devotedly working in this field to revolutionize the practices of agribusinesses are enumerated below with their vital characteristics and advantages for the agribusiness sector.

Mazao Hub

Mazao Hub is This Farm ERP platform is uniquely designed for the African context developed by African Farmers themselves as a Cloud Based Digital Agriculture and Farm ERP platform to manage farmers, farming activities and control complex farm operations, make data-driven decisions, optimize cost, improve yields based on real-time insights and advanced field analytics from planning to harvest designed for Individual Farmers, Commercial Farmers, Agro dealers, Farming Cooperatives, Manufacturers, Traders and all other agricultural stakeholders. With Mazao Hub as farmer you can

  • Map your contract farmers or yourself as farmer, farms including farm measurement using mobile App with google coordinates, Seedlings, Plan and budget all the way based on the season from Land Preparation, Sowing, fertilizing to pre and post-harvest, storage and all related Good Agricultural Practices based on the crops.
  • Manage the entire farm activities and related inventories, monitor farm progress with detection tools, automated agronomy workflow and Agribots based on the crops including inventory, weather forecasting reports, expenses, human resources from Land Preparation to harvest and storage - all of which can be incredibly draining, but also incredibly rewarding.
  • Manage and Monitor harvest, crop collection from farms to various collection centers integrated with other aggregators like logistics to warehouses. Connected together with our integrated supply chain management systems namely warehouse, logistics and delivery, purchase and financial management - a process that can be incredibly painful and tedious to undertake, but is also incredibly important to a successful business.

Mazao Hub main functionalities:

a)            Farm Resource Management (Crop, fields, machinery, people, inventory)

b)            Farm operations (planning, tracking, and analyzing complete crop production)

c)            Farm Scouting (NDVI Satellite Imagery, pest and disease knowledge-base, photo evidence with geo-tagging)

d)            Weather and risk intelligence (Weather data, weather alarms, pest and diseases risk alarms.)

e)            Farm Finance Management (invoices, payables and receivables, budget, loan management)

f)             Farm dashboards and analytics (field analysis, yield analysis, crop profitability, ROI, farm finance KPI's, reports)

g)            Traceability report

 Mazao Hub Platform is accessible here and available on Google Playstore as Mazao Hub. We have users in Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Congo, South Africa, Kenya and Uganda but our headquarters is based in Dar es Salaam at Tanzania Commission for Science and Technology (COSTECH) building, 3rd Floor - something that was a long time coming, but filled us with immense joy and pride as we have grown as a company.

SAP Agribusiness

Without a doubt, SAP reigns supreme as the unparalleled leader in enterprise application software, and the most coveted name in this realm. SAP offers its Agribusiness module to seamlessly manage the agribusiness value chain and ensure the reliable supply of quality produce. The heart of this module is to empower farmers to produce more, conserve resources, and elevate both their own lives and those of consumers.

SAP Agribusiness can greatly assist farmers in maximizing efficiency and sustainability in farming and agricultural production. They can effortlessly enhance their agricultural production by optimizing the management of farming operations and implementing data-driven farming processes. With SAP solutions, farmers can seamlessly manage large farming operations, implement cutting-edge and data-driven farming processes, and consistently manage agricultural data across their enterprise. It also provides tools for enhancing the effectiveness of maintenance processes, reducing downtime, optimizing time and resources, and reducing maintenance costs related to agricultural production.

Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics echoes within the agriculture community as one of the premier providers of solutions for farming. It comprises a harmonious collection of integrated software products that empower farmers to effortlessly automate all tasks pertaining to the agriculture industry. Through the utilization of Microsoft Dynamics, farmers can seamlessly manage their farm operations from start to finish, streamlining procedures and automating various tasks with ease.

The features of Microsoft Dynamics 365 are truly remarkable, boasting advanced analytics tools, interactive reporting, and powerful CRM engagement capabilities. With Microsoft Dynamics 365, farmers can experience improved cost controls, enhanced quality management, and efficient sourcing of raw materials. And, the Microsoft Dynamics 365 team stands ready to provide round-the-clock support to their valued clients, ensuring that any hurdle or confusion is promptly addressed.


FarmLogs is one of the trailblazing farm management software that emerged in 2011. Over 50,000 agricultural enterprises are currently thriving with the help of Farmlogs. This software presents an engaging and user-friendly solution for farm management. The vital capabilities offered by Farmlogs include soil mapping, plant growth monitoring, field monitoring through satellite imagery or scouting, and Notifications for price fluctuations in local markets through zip codes. It also incorporates profit and loss calculations, Email notifications and much more.


A renowned powerhouse in the realm of agriculture technology, AGRIVI 360 offers a profound understanding of crop cultivation management through its exceptional farm management software. This software is designed to empower farmers, food processing companies, and other vital players in the agri-food industry to flourish. With intuitive farm management software, detailed reporting dashboards, a cutting-edge AI-based advisory platform, and a seamless end-to-end supply chain management system, AGRIVI 360 is a game-changer in the world of farming.

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