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AI-Powered Agronomy Services:

·         Geospatial Data: MazaoHub App allows users to map their farms, including crops, farm boundaries, climatological details, water availability, soil type, temperature and other details. This enables farmers to estimate and analyze potential crop productivity, risk exposures, crucial for informed decision-making, whereby all details of the farms and locations .

·         Weather Forecast: MazaoHub collaborates with meteorological agency to provide farmers with accurate weather forecasts tailored to their specific locations, villages, aiding in better decision-making from types of seeds or farming practices needed.

·         GAP (Good Agricultural Practices): MazaoHub Agronomy provides tailored production guidelines for each crop in every village. AI guides farmers with bespoke farming practices through every stage of production, from preparing the land, sowing plan, fertilization and pesticide programs to harvesting, post-harvest practices and storage, based on the type of the crop and location

·         Crop Monitoring: MazaoHub utilizes satellite imagery and remote sensing to gather climatic conditions, analyzing changes in plant growth, plant health, vegetation degree (NDVI), nutrients needed and providing farmers with simplified interpretations and recommendation on each stage. This information helps farmers mitigate any risks effectively.

·         Carbon Farming and Regenerative Guide: MazaoHub AI Agronomy is an AI-powered agricultural extension service that helps farmers implement regenerative agriculture and carbon farming practices. The service uses AI to provide farmers with personalized guidance and support, and it works with extension officers from Farmers Support Centers to provide on-the-ground assistance on carbon farming and calculate carbon removal credits for each farm for sale. We have piloted to few farmers with our potential partner.

Soil Analysis Services:

·         Soil Analysis and Recommendations: We  produce our own Soil Sensors and distribute to our  farmers support centers (FSC) or agri dealers. Farmers can visited or submit soil samples to nearby FSC for analysis, receiving recommendations within 5 minutes for crop selection, fertilizer usage and how much and how to use the fertilizer, soil amendments needed, . This aids in climate adaptation and enhances productivity and sustainability.

Facilitate Inputs Distribution:

·         MazaoHub, through our franchise model Farmer Support Centers (FSCs), we ensures the distribution of inputs to farmers within our network of farmers. We partner with large input suppliers and manufacturers to make sure inputs reach our last mile farmers through our Farmers Support Centers (FSCs).

Financial Records:

·         Farm Cost Analysis and Harvest Projections: MazaoHub enables farmers to estimate the entire cost of farming based on the current input prices, recommendations, labor and other cost factors. Whereby a farmer contribute percentage of the total cost and MazaoHub calculate amount needed as loan from bank for the farmer. The analysis includes harvest projections based on AI-guided GAP practices. This assists in planning and securing loans from banks.

·         Record Keeping and Financial Reports: MazaoHub helps farmers maintain records of all farm activities with a simple mobile App that works offline, automatically generating individual financial reports, farm analytics, traceability reports and more for each farmer and all other agribusiness customers.

·         Financial Collaboration: MazaoHub collaborates with banks to facilitate loans for farmers. Monitor farmer’s activities from land preparation to harvest, track records in every step ensuring they become creditworthy clients and assist banks in loan recovering through MazaoHub partner crop buyers monitored by our Farmer Support Centers.

·         Insurance Collaboration: MazaoHub partners with insurance companies to provide insurance coverage, making farmers insurable clients.


·         Farmers using MazaoHub know who will buy their produce. They can sign up crop purchase agreement digitally using MazaoHub Crop Sourcing module.  The initial crop buyers are users of the MazaoHub system, including processors, factories, exporters, traders, warehouse owners, distributors, and other aggregators. MazaoHub is mapping all of these users (buyers) with Google locations using MazaoHub App with all details.  All these users (buyers) have access to crop collection management, traceability, warehouse and supply chain management, contract farming, financial records and out grower management modules within the MazaoHub system. And they are connected to the banks for loans based on their financial reports and analytics produced by MazaoHub Farm ERP. This ensures a seamless and connected agricultural ecosystem.


Small and Emerging farmers

Farmers are a key demographic in Tanzania, representing a growing segment of individuals seeking opportunities in agriculture. With over 9 million farmers in the country, 80% of whom are involved in some form of agriculture, Tanzania has immense agricultural potential that remains largely untapped. This underutilization can be attributed to factors such as limited access to finance, modern technologies, and professional support.

To address these challenges and empower emerging farmers, MazaoHub provides a comprehensive solution that encompasses smart farming tools, financing, and professional agribusiness support using MazaoHub Farm Management Software. By equipping  farmers with the necessary resources and expertise, MazaoHub aims to transform the agricultural sector and contribute to Tanzania's economic growth and food security.

Our processes:

·         Farm Visitation: Physical visits to the farmer's land allow for a comprehensive assessment of their agricultural operations, resources, and potential working closely with MazaoHub extension officers as part of our extension services. This is done through our last mile Farmers Support Centers

·         Registration at Farmers Support Centers: Emerging farmers can register at designated Farmers Support Centers to access agronomy guidance, training, and connect with potential partners and markets if they want to access those services using MazaoHub App

·         Farm Mapping and Geospatial Data Collection: MazaoHub utilizes its mobile application to map the farmer's landholdings, regardless of size or location, and gather relevant geospatial data, climatic details, soil health, water availability, crops, including ownership details. This data provides valuable insights into the farmer's agricultural assets and potential for bank loan.

·         Soil analysis, fertilizer recommendations and inputs for their farm project based on the season.

·         Farmers will use MazaoHub to monitor crop production in every stages of production.

·         Banking Support and Credit Scoring: MazaoHub assists emerging farmers in opening bank accounts and facilitates communication with commercial banks and other investors. Additionally, MazaoHub assesses the farmer's creditworthiness based on their financial history and MazaoHub-generated data, providing a comprehensive credit profile to the bank.

·         Linkages to Milling and Processing Facilities: MazaoHub connects emerging farmers with nearby registered milling or processing factories, restaurants, buyers, facilitating secure offtake agreements and market access for their produce. This ensures a reliable market for the farmer's crops and contributes to their financial stability.

·         Asset Management and Financial Reporting: MazaoHub meticulously records all the farmer's assets, including commercial properties, vehicles, trucks, tractors, and other equipment, utilizing the MazaoHub application. This comprehensive asset inventory enables the farmer to produce accurate financial reports adhering to international financial reporting standards, enhancing their loan application with their collateral whenever needed.

·         Financial Projections and Cash Flow Analysis: MazaoHub enables these farmers to keep records of their daily farming operations and generates detailed financial projections and cash flow statements based on the farmer's agricultural activities. These projections provide a realistic assessment of the farmer's financial health and future earning potential, strengthening their loan application.

Commercial Farmers

Many commercial farmers begin by actively farming with a minimum of 50 acres and can go up to 100,000 acres or more, exemplifying the diversity in scale within this sector. The engagement of these commercial farmers is extensive, as they not only cultivate their own acres but also collaborate with smallholder farmers through contract farming arrangements.

MazaoHub Services:

·         Commercial Farmers receive comprehensive support through the MazaoHub system, covering aspects Soil mapping and analysis: MazaoHub helps farmers map their land and collect soil samples. This data is then used to generate a soil analysis report that provides recommendations for soil treatment, crop selection, and planting practices.

·         Agricultural extension services: MazaoHub uses artificial intelligence (AI) to provide farmers with personalized agricultural extension services. These services are based on the farmer's soil analysis report, crop selection, and other factors.

·         Farm cost accounting: MazaoHub helps farmers track their farm costs, including inputs, labor, and equipment. This data can be used to forecast yields and profits.

·         Crop planning: MazaoHub helps farmers create crop plans that are tailored to their specific needs. These plans include recommendations for fertilizer, pesticide, and other inputs.

·         Human resource management: MazaoHub helps farmers manage their employees, including payroll, scheduling, and training.

·         Financial reporting: MazaoHub helps farmers generate financial statements that meet international standards.

·         Farmer contracting and traceability: MazaoHub helps farmers contract with other farmers and buyers. It also helps farmers generate traceability reports that track the movement of their crops from field to market.

·         Credit scoring: MazaoHub helps farmers improve their credit ratings, making it easier for them to obtain loans.

·         Warehouse management: MazaoHub helps farmers manage their warehouses and inventory.

·         Market access: MazaoHub helps farmers connect with local and international markets


Traders, off takers, processing factories, Milling companies, Exporters and other aggregators.

MazaoHub offer a range of benefits to various actors along the agricultural value chain, from traders and off-takers to processing factories, milling companies, exporters, and other aggregators. These benefits include:

·         Improved traceability and transparency: MazaoHub systems can track the movement of agricultural products from farm to market with our e commerce and supply chain management module, providing valuable insights into provenance, quality, markets and sustainability practices. This enhances transparency and traceability throughout the supply chain, enabling better decision-making and risk mitigation for all stakeholders.

·         Enhanced quality control and consistency: MazaoHub systems can monitor and manage quality parameters throughout the production and post-harvest stages, ensuring that products meet the required standards and specifications. This reduces the risk of quality-related issues and ensures consistent supply of high-quality products.

·         Streamlined operations and reduced costs: MazaoHub systems automate and streamline various tasks, from sourcing and procurement to production planning and logistics. This reduces operational costs, improves efficiency, and optimizes resource allocation.

·         Access to a wider network of farmers and suppliers: MazaoHub platforms can connect aggregators with a broader network of farmers and suppliers, expanding their sourcing options and enabling them to identify and procure the best quality products at competitive prices.

·         Improved risk management: MazaoHub systems provide real-time data and analytics that enable aggregators to better assess and manage risks associated with production, supply, and market fluctuations. This helps them make informed decisions and mitigate potential losses.

Modules Covered

·         Production management: This module tracks and manages production activities, including crop planning, input management, labor utilization, and yield monitoring.

·         Post-harvest management: This module handles post-harvest processes, such as drying, storage, and transportation, ensuring product quality and minimizing losses.

·         Supply chain management: This module optimizes supply chain operations, including sourcing, procurement, logistics, and distribution, ensuring timely and efficient product delivery.

·         Financial management: This module manages financial transactions, including payments, receivables, and expenses, providing real-time insights into financial performance.

·         Market intelligence: This module provides market data and analytics, enabling aggregators to make informed decisions about pricing, supply, and demand.


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