• 17 Jan, 2023
  • Admin

By 2050, the world will face a daunting challenge: feeding a population of more than 9 billion people. Africa, in particular, spends 35 billion US dollars importing food instead of creating the conditions to grow more of it. The task of feeding the fast-growing population, achieving environmentally sustainable food production, securing healthy diets, and minimizing food waste is a daunting one that we cannot leave to smallholder farmers alone. These farmers are often disconnected, underprivileged, unsupported, and untraceable, with little understanding of how to cultivate the land sustainably.

But there is hope. Mazao Hub is on a mission to change the narrative. We are a farm management and farm ERP platform that provides tools for farmers to register and map their farmlands with Google coordinates. Agronomists can have complete control over all agronomic operations, gain deep insight into all farm processes, optimize costs, and improve yields with powerful analytics.

As an ecosystem, we are empowering farmers, agronomists, cooperatives, Amcos, agro dealers and all other key stakeholders in agriculture with technological tools to manage, monitor, and control complex farm operations. Our traceability features enable buyers to identify at any specified stage of the food supply chain, from production stage and responsible farmer.

We are currently working with cooperatives, Amcos, extension officers, agricultural boards, ministries of agriculture in all east African countries, global buyers, manufacturers and more. Open your account today and request a demonstration to visit your farmers. Together, we can meet the challenge of feeding the world sustainably.

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