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Features and Functions

Simplify Farm Administration
Store all your farm data in one place and make it accessible anytime, anywhere and through any device. Forget about papers, forget about countless spreadsheets.

Plan a Profitable Season
Easy and smart crop planning with historical crop rotation overview for choosing the best crops per field for your season.

Fact-Based Agronomic Decisions
Real-time insights per field for timely decisions based on facts. Monitor crop progress, get weather reports, mitigate pest and disease risks.

Lower Costs and Improve Yields
Analyze the performance of your fields, workers and agronomic practices with powerful analytics. Easily get your finance KPIs and identify improvements for cost optimization and higher yields.

Market with Traceability
Make your produce traceable from field to fork to get the best prices, a better market position and access to premium buyers.

Report to Authorities in a Click
Simplify farm administration and easily export reports with input usages, finances, or harvest reports per crop and variety. Use it for certification auditors (GlobalGAP) and authorities.

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